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VentureRadar Discovery

VentureRadar Discovery is our customised search service which provides a rapid and effective way of finding companies or technologies that can impact your business. In addition to scanning our VentureRadar Database, we discover and screen large volumes of additional candidates in your specific areas of interest giving you a comprehensive view of the space. We do this by 'tuning' our discovery technology to your custom requirements.

We work with some of the largest corporations in the World, helping them to identify technologies, understand markets, locate experts and find potential M&A targets or partners. In 2023 we connected more than 10,000 companies globally to our clients via custom search projects, helping them to develop business relationships that would otherwise take longer, cost more, or would never have happened at all.

Our projects span all sectors and technology areas and can be global or focused on specific countries or regions.

VentureRadar Consulting

VentureRadar Consulting builds on our Discovery service to provide deep and unique insights aligned with your specific project needs. From interviewing companies, to customised due diligence and problem solving, we deliver insight and analysis of technology, product or market. We can also assist you or your team with the upfront thinking, to help refine the scope and objectives of your innovation projects.

We leverage experienced consultants with technical and commercial skill sets, allowing us to navigate complex projects and deliver authoritative outputs. We serve corporate clients from R&D and Innovation to Corporate Venturing and Business Intelligence.

Contact us to discuss your needs, or review our VentureRadar Consulting brochure to find out more.

Identify companies in a specific market or emerging technology area, and understand the market.

Identify companies with technology or expertise that can solve your specific business or innovation challenges.

Identify companies that fit specific criteria you have for M&A targets or as potential partners.

Example projects

Our experience

Our Discovery service can locate companies of any size depending on your specific criteria:

Early stage companies from founding

Companies with up to around 250 employees

Large companies with 250+ employees


Our services are supported by the technology system we have developed for trawling the web to discover, retrieve and organise information on companies. Our analysts use this system to rapidly screen and identify large volumes of potential candidates for your project, ‘priming’ our whole process with a high volume and quality of potential solutions providers. This allows us to operate at a scale and speed that has traditionally not been possible.

Key benefits

By leveraging our technology we can scan millions of sources to find solutions. Our methodology draws from a wide universe of potential candidates and can be carried out rapidly.

Custom projects are powered by our technology and are also directed and screened by an experienced analyst to prioritize the most relevant candidates and contextualize their relevance.

All our projects are carried out in confidence, meaning that there is no need to publicise the nature of your internal development efforts or competitive strategies.

Our pro-active methodology is equally efficiently applied across all sectors, meaning we can offer a consistent standard of results from project to project.

We cover all sectors, meaning we can help you solve challenges in your existing markets or uncover technology, expertise and innovations from outside your normal area of expertise.

We operate across the globe or we can focus on specific countries or regions if that is your focus.

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