About Us

What we do

VentureRadar discovers and ranks companies, making them visible to potential partners, customers, and investors. We work for some of the World’s largest corporations, removing the barriers they traditionally face in discovering and tracking companies that can impact their business.

We operate the VentureRadar Database and provide Custom Services, both underpinned by our company discovery system, which combines web crawling, AI, proprietary algorithms and expert human interpretation.

VentureRadar helps organisations innovate and generate new growth by connecting them to the emerging technologies and expertise that can solve their challenges

Why we do it

We live in a World of widely distributed knowledge and resources; small teams and even individuals are empowered to have the impact once available only to large corporations and governments. This creates a high-flux environment in which new technologies and disruptive business models can appear anywhere, and expand rapidly.

In this environment it becomes a business imperative for corporations to look outwards to discover and track new opportunities and threats. However, traditional approaches are now too inefficient to keep up with this high-flux environment. A more dynamic, pro-active and real-time system is required. We provide this system.

At the same time, the creators of new technologies and innovations find that their biggest challenge is rising above the noise to connect with the partners and customers they need to grow and become sustainable. Our mission is to enable these connections.

How we do it

All companies have a digital presence, so discovering and ranking the World’s innovative companies is a data challenge. VentureRadar has met this challenge by building a system to discover companies and interpret their innovation and growth signals across the web. This allows us to make these companies easily discoverable to organisations interested in their technology, innovation, skills, disruptive potential, growth, or other features.