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VentureRadar works for some of the World’s largest corporations, removing the barriers they traditionally face in discovering and tracking companies that can impact their business. From landscaping emerging technology themes to locating specialist skills that can solve internal business challenges, our clients rely on us to help them find partners, competitors, acquisition targets, investment targets and understand markets.

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Join more than 70,000 registered users on the VentureRadar Search Engine. Discover and track more than 280,000 ranked companies. Get started today by trying out the following popular searches:

Custom Search Services

We works for some of the World’s largest corporations, providing a rapid and efficient service for discovering innovation and growth companies according to specific criteria. In 2018 we connected more than 5,000 companies globally to our clients via custom search projects.

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Global coverage across all sectors

Locate organisations that matter to you across all sectors, technology areas, geographies and company sizes.

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Popular technology areas

Organisations we track

From the smallest start-ups to the largest global corporations,
we discover and track all types of companies

Early stage companies from founding

Companies with up to around 250 employees

Large companies with 250+ employees

Our Discovery System

Everything we do is underpinned by a system we have developed to discover companies and interpret their innovation and growth signals across the web.

This system combines web crawling, big data analytics, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and expert human interpretation.

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