The Future Railway

Industrial, Smart Cities

The Client – A National Rail Industry Association

The Challenge – How to monitor and optimise the future rail network
The rail networks in many countries are coming under increasing strain due to factors such as population growth and the attractiveness of lower carbon transport. A key aspect of the railway of the future will be the ability to monitor and optimise trains and their capacity in a much more intelligent and efficient way. Our search focused on the emerging technologies with the ability to support the development of such a network.

Solution Areas
Our search uncovered start-ups and SMEs globally with relevant technologies and expertise across the following sectors: Big Data, Route Optimisation, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Traffic Optimisation Systems, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Scheduling Algorithms, Sensors, Asset Management, High Bandwidth Communications, Decision Support Systems, Remote Condition Monitoring, Peturbation Management, Autonomous Systems.

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